Why We Write


The reasons why you love writing

Writing expresses emotion

Writing expresses experiences

Releases pent up emotions

Describes things I cannot say

Tells a story

Transports writer and reader to new adventures

One writes to express the soul

To invent new worlds

To solve one’s problems

And because a writer loves to write


Never Forget 9/11


Never forget.

Innocent people went to work.

Innocent people died.

Never forget.

Innocent people tried to save lives.

Innocent people made it out.

Innocent people died trying to get out.

Never forget.

Brave souls that went in to help.

Never forget those bravehearts.

Never forget those never found.

Never forget a tragic and heroic day.

9/11 started normal.

Never forget.

The way 9/11 ended.

Never forget to honor this day.

Writing Prompt #5


Closed Doors: What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?

The door is closed.

Why is it closed?

Is it locked? Unlocked?

Is someone in there?

Is the room deserted?

Some terrible secret remained hidden?

Why is my imagination running wild?

Why do people always think the worst?

Could there be flowers in the room?

A child’s room?

A library? A study?

What is in that room?


Writing Prompt #4


“She took the same seat she always does. This time, there was someone with her.”

Everyday, I wait for the subway train. Everyday, I take the same seat. Everyday, I sit alone. Until this one day. A man, not just any man, was seated in my seat. He was more gorgeous than gorgeous. Tall, dark curly hair, long legs, blue eyes deeper than the ocean. It was love at first sight. At least with his physical looks. A gentle smile from his chiseled features. Then he went back to looking at his phone.

Cautiously, I sat beside him. Nothing exchanged between us. I reached my stop and got off. One last glance at him.

Every morning, he was there. And every morning, I sat beside him. Never speaking. Finally, after about a week, I resolved that I was going to speak to him. When I boarded the train, my spot was empty. No one was there. Disappointed I took my seat. Had I lost my chance at love? I felt that I had.

The next day and the following day, he was not on the train. My dark haired stranger. A week passed. Then two. He had not returned. Then I got an answer to my stranger.

A young woman who was always on the train with me. She asked me why two weeks ago I had moved one spot over when my seat was empty. She always took the same seat near me. I gaped at her. I sputtered about the man. Didn’t she see him? There was no man next to me. I was always alone. There was no way she would not have seen this man. He was beyond gorgeous.

Who had my mystery man been? What happened to me? Why had I see him? Why had no one else?

All I knew was that I never saw him again. My ride remained alone and silent as it always had been.

Three Goals for my Blog


My first goal is to gain customers for my novels. Here I can give more information about myself and my books.

Second goal: Feedback is always nice to have. I would like to start to see more activity on my blogs than just views and a few likes. Improvement happens when feedback is given and the blogger knows what works and doesn’t work.

Third goal: To learn. I love learning. About writing techniques, other authors and writers, and people with common interests. I would also love to learn about more other topics that I know little about.

In my wildest dreams, I would love for my blog to have lots of followers, lots of interactions and spread the word about my published works.


Why I Blog


Hello all,

While I am not exactly new to blogging, I am still considered a beginner. So I signed up to take a few courses on blogging to learn more about it. One can always learn something new. So I will be doing assignments and posting them as instructed.

So this first blog assignment is to explain why I’m blogging and a little bit about myself.

The reason I blog is to 1) promote my published novel(s).  2) get to know other people and learn new things. 3) improve my writing. One’s writing can always be improved.

About me:

I am a special needs teacher. Writing has been something I have done for as long as I can remember. I love to write. Coming up with stories and plots and developing characters is something I love to do.

In my spare time, I spend with my animals. I have a 14 year old quarter horse, a 14 year old Australian Cattle dog (red) and a 13 year old grey tuxedo cat. Amazing that they are all around the same age. My dog is starting to show signs of old age and having bowel issues at the moment.