67 All About Me Questions and Answers


Here is a list of All about me questions.

  1. What is your full name? Teresa Jean Lyons
  2. What does your name mean? Teresa=To Harvest. Jean=God is Gracious
  3. Are you named after anyone? Yes. My father’s sister. And my mother’s aunt.
  4. Does your name make any interesting anagrams? Never thought about it. Probably.
  5. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? I like my name.
  6. Where are you from? Canada
  7. Where were you born? Canada
  8. Where did you grow up? Texas
  9. Who did you look up to growing up? Parents, teachers, favorite cartoon heroes of the 80s.
  10. What are your best characteristics? Patient, kind, funny.
  11. Which of your parents are you closest to? Parents are deceased. My mother will she was living.
  12. Which of your parents are you more like? I look like a female version of my father.
  13. Are your grandparents still married? Until they passed away.
  14. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? No idea
  15. What do you call your grandparents? They died before I was born. Had neighbor friends that I called Grandma and Grandpa.
  16. What is your best physical feature? my eyes. Blue with right eye half green. Called heterochromia.
  17. What is your biggest accomplishment? Getting my first book published.
  18. What is your eye color? Blue with one eye half green.
  19. What is the most important thing in your life? My animals. One dog and one horse.
  20. What has required the most courage of you in your life so far? Dealing with special needs children
  21. Who is your favorite actor? Henry Cavill
  22. Who is your favorite celebrity? Henry Cavill, Donnie Wahlberg
  23. Who is your favorite musician? nkotb
  24. Who’s your favorite person in the world? Henry Cavill
  25. What is your favorite color? Blue
  26. What is your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper
  27. What is your favorite ice-cream flavor? Cotton Candy
  28. What is your favorite music genre? Pop, country, classical
  29. What is your favorite physical activity? Walking, horseback riding
  30. What is your favorite sport? Equestrian related
  31. What is your favorite time of the day? Sunset
  32. What is your favorite type of clothing? jeans and t-shirts
  33. What is your favorite way to pass time? reading, writing
  34. What is your all-time favorite town or city? Why? London. Ancient and modern. Full of history.
  35. What is your favorite candle scent? Mint
  36. What is your favorite social media channel? Facebook, Instagram
  37. What was your favorite subject in High School? History, psychology
  38. What was your least favorite subject in High School? Math
  39. What do you love about your favorite TV Show? Exciting and has one of my favorite actors in it. Donnie Wahlberg.
  40. Are you scared of heights? Partially
  41. Are you high maintenance? No.
  42. Are you a dog person or cat person? Dog
  43. Are you a fan of any sports team? No
  44. Are you a good cook? Decent
  45. Who is the worst boss you’ve ever had? No comment
  46. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows? Yes
  47. Can you do a split? No
  48. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? No
  49. Can you whistle? Yes
  50. Can you dance? Yes
  51. Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes
  52. Do you save old greeting cards and letters? Throw them away? Save for a time. Then discard.
  53. Do you sing in the shower? Yes
  54. Do you sleep with the lights on or off? Off
  55. Do you spell the color as grey or gray? Grey
  56. Do you take any pills or medication daily? No
  57. Do you prefer kissing or cuddling? Both
  58. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook? Titanic
  59. Do you have a catchphrase? No
  60. Do you have a garden? No
  61. Do you have a hidden dream that you’ve never shared with anyone? Yes
  62. Do you have a tattoo? No
  63. Do you have a whole lot of acquaintances or just a few very close friends? Why? Few close friends
  64. Do you have any allergies? No
  65. Do you have any birthmarks? If so, where? Yes. Spots on my right arm
  66. Do you have pets? Yes
  67. Do you carry a donor card? No

Writing Prompt #2


2. If you could do anything right now, what would you do?

If I could do anything right now, I would go somewhere far from civilizations. Just my animals and me. Maybe the mountains. Maybe the deep countryside. Miles from anyone. A place I could sit and contemplate nature. A location where people don’t judge me and I don’t judge them. People take energy and often waste it on frivolous words and gestures. Animals are simple and straightforward.  They don’t play games. Animals don’t disappoint.

Writing Prompt #1-Poem


1. The Unrequited love poem: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

You walk by like a beautiful rose.

I am invisible like a ghost

You are the sun. The moon. The stars.

As close as you are you might as well be Mars.

I love the sun. The moon. The stars. Mars.

You love none of those things.

Therefore, you do not love me.

I am a ghost unseen by the love of my life.

No, I am not a ghost. He is a ghost. Lost to me forever.

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A moving post 


This message is a very moving one to me. We all have experienced this at one time or another. We all struggle to get back up and continue forward. The key as stated below, is learning from one’s mistakes and remaining positive.

This is one I’ve struggled with lately. It has been hard to remain positive when life knocks you down.

Remember to learn, love and grow!


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We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all got it wrong, trusted the wrong person, made the wrong bet, turned the wrong way, made THAT mistake. What we’ve experienced is important, it defines us. But what is more important, and often forgotten, is that we decide how it defines us. The experience, decision or moment itself does not. Others will almost always try and define you by past transgressions more quickly than your past successes.

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been someone I’m not proud of plenty of times. I’ve fallen down. I’ve loved the wrong person. I’ve failed. I’ve been hurt. I’ve hurt. That’s life! In life we are going to get it wrong….alot. What I’ve tried to do and still try to do each time though is recognise those mistakes and mould them to my advantage. Make them a way to better myself. We’ve all had a bad experience thanks to someone else. Don’t let that bad experience decide how and who you are. Don’t let it hold you back from love or success or giving something a go. Don’t vent your pain onto or at others in an attempt to bring them down and hold them back and cry your fury to the world. Don’t let it turn you into the monster that hurt you.

Use that experience! Run with it. Take the sum of your past and make it your tool to approach the future with. Move forward and love the experiences you have, use them to define you and make you the best version of yourself that is humanely possible. Your life is yours and will be whatever you want it to be. Love, grow, pursue, strive, challenge yourself.
Be afraid so that you can be brave.

The video above is what positive forward motion, determination, bravery, strong will, dedication and self respect looks like. This is my Lucy. She is one of the best stunt women in the world. She has defined herself. She continues to define herself. She grows, everyday. She is Lucy Cork because she says so.
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Passing away/New dog


On Oct 21st, I lost a great dog. A red heeler named Jules. I had her for 12 and a half years. She passed in her sleep. Her ashes are on my bookcase.

Almost a month to the day of her passing, I adopted a new dog. A 10 month old female Shepherd mix named Sugar. She is the sweetest and very calm for a dog so young. I’ve had her less than a week and she’s wonderful! I put together a slides how of the pictures I’ve taken of her so far. Enjoy! 
#RIP #RainbowBridge #redheeler 

#rescuedog #sugar #shepherdmix #greatpup 

Take care,


Good News and Bad News Regrading JAM 2


Hello all,

I have some good news and some bad news about JAM 2.

The good news is that while I almost lost the entire file, but I manged to get it back. The bad news is that part of the document is missing. Roughly about the last third of it. The good news on that front is that I hand write all my stories first, so I still have a hard copy of the rest of the story. I was all set to send it to my editor and have it ready to go by this fall.

I apologize for the this hiccup. I am fast typer so I will have the rest returned in no time. So much better than I originally thought which was to have to retype the entire thing. Whew!

And before you think, BACKUP! I usually do. I thought I had actually. Turns out, I didn’t. So I will double and triple check this time that it gets backed up properly. So back to #amwriting. #Willhaveitdonesoon! #AMSOSORRY! #FacePalm! #LearningExperience

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Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of JAM: Jordan and Mary. Will you please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I hate to beg, but I only have one review on each site. Reviews really do help both the author and the reader. Both good reviews and bad. But luckily, everyone who has gotten the book has told me they LOVED it! Even if they didn’t leave a public review. Here are the links:



There is also a purchase link on Barnes and Noble and Kobo if you prefer. Reviews may be left there as well. Thanks again!

In other news, I hit a brick wall on JAM 3, but I will finish it. But I got an idea for a new novel. I will give updates as the novel develops. In early stages yet and doesn’t even have a working title. So #WIP is being handwritten.

Thank you! Hope everyone has had an easy transition back into the new school year!




Hello all,

Once again it has been a while since I have posted. I have been recovering from bunion surgery. It has been six weeks now and while I am out of the boot, the toe remains swollen and the pain lessens every day.

As for writing, I have temporarily put JAM book 3 on hold. Instead I have started writing a new novel. Another romance novel. I like the way this one is shaping up. I promise I will finish book 3 as well as get book 2 edited and published. Now that the writer’s block is lifting, I am back to writing.

Before my writer’s block set in, I was able to write a short Fan Fiction based on Once Upon A Time. A friend got me hooked on the show. I took a rare quiet moment to allow Emma and Captain Hook to spend some intimate time together. Unfortunately for them, the whole group of heroes finds out much to their embarrassment. All you #Once fans, let me know if you want me to post it on my blog.

The rest of my time I have spent laid up with my foot elevated. Since I spent time with writer’s block, I instead spent my time playing PC games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Sims 4. In development of my park or Sim, I often used my characters and built their world in the game.

For example, in the Sims 4, I used Jordan and Mary and built the farm house that Mary resides in.

In Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, I developed some Peep groups to be JAM family and friends. I also made peeps of some of my other favorite books, movies and even historical figures.

Sorry about the lapse in my posting. I hope to get back to more regular posting.

Take care,