Horse injuries


Horses are big creatures and one would think they are strong, but they they surprisingly delicate. My quarter horse, Blaze had a swollen right hind leg this morning. I am not sure what he did exactly. Most likely, he banged it or got it caught. There are no cuts. The leg is swollen from the hock down. He is walking on it and bearing weight. He even rested his left hind putting full weight on his right hind while I hydro-ed the leg.

My first step was to access the damage. I found no cuts but could tell the right was swollen compared to the left hind. Then I watched him walk. No lameness. He was sound on it. If I had made him trot, I probably would’ve seen him favor it.

Next I felt the leg. On the inside of the long bone, I felt heat. No a huge amount but definitely some heat. So I took him to the hose and applied water. Cold water can help reduce swelling. After running water on it for several minutes, came the tricky part.

I needed to give Blaze bute. It’s an anti-inflammatory. It relieves pain and helps with swelling. Only Blaze hates eating it. Bute comes in three forms: Powder, paste and pill. I only have powder. Sprinkling it on his food won’t work. He eats around it. He also hates paste. So I did a combination. I took the powder, added it a large tube syringe and added water. After mixing it together, I was able to squirt it into his mouth after a bit of a struggle as he hates getting a tube in his mouth. I have the same battle when it comes to deworming him.

It has been awhile since I have had to treat Blaze for injury. He’s a pretty low maintenance horse. I will monitor his leg and if it is not better by tomorrow, I will consult with my vet.

Below is a full picture of Argyles Sensation aka Blaze and his hind legs while I hydro-ed it.