What I Do When I’m Not Writing


Writing is something I do quite a bit. There are times when I cannot write either due to other obligations, or I just need to take a break.

So when I not writing, I am usually reading a book. Reading is my second passion. I love to read books. Reading is important to creativity. Other authors can give an other an idea, help with writing styles and improvement.

My next passion is to be with my horse. Being outside riding or looking after my horse is the best medicine when I can’t seem to get the writing to flow. I can work out various story lines in my head or even talk it out with the horses and donkey. They make great listeners and they don’t judge.

Last night while cleaning the pasture, I worked out a moving story line that I was able to add to my upcoming novel, JAM: Happy Ever After, last night.

Other ways I spend non writing time is watching television, going to the movies, hanging out with friends, running errands, etc.  Sometimes the simplest things can jog the writing juices and get them flowing again.

If inspiration does strike, I have OneNote in my phone so I can quickly jot down any ideas so I don’t forget them.

How do you spend your non writing time?