About Me


I am a special needs teacher that has had a life long passion for writing and animals. In particular, horses. I have owned two horses in my life and have loved and cared for dozens more over the years.



I also own an Australian cattle dog, or red heeler as they are more commonly known named Juliet. I call her Jules for short. She is almost 14 years old and her eyes and ears are failing her.


My third fur baby is a grey tuxedo cat named Thor. He is very vocal when he wants something, shy around strangers and loves to cuddle with me every night.


Aside from writing, I love to learn about many different areas. History, horses and animals, technology. Technology is another favorite area. I love to find reviews and tips and tricks about my favorite gadgets. I try to keep up with the latest phones and computers if I can.

For writing I use a Microsoft Surface 3. It is small and lightweight and functions both as a tablet and a full laptop. I am a PC/windows person. I prefer android over apple. Nothing against Apple products. I know plenty of people that have them. To each their own.

Microsoft surface 3Galaxy s6

I recently published my first book. While I have been writing my entire life, this is the first time I have gotten something published. This will be a book series. I am currently working on the next book and there is a possibility of a third book.

JAM Full Cover

Reading is another passion of mine. I love to read. I will read from any genre. Reading opens up so many doors into so many different worlds. I love escaping from reality into a really good book. And if I can’t get to a really good book, I will write my own.