Fun Facts #1


Fun Facts: Horses 

  1. Horses used to be the size of a dog with 4 toes on front and 3 on the back
  2. Existed as far back as 50 million years
  3. Today one toe remains. Known as ungulate
  4. Small growth on inside of legs called a chestnut is theorized to be an evolutionary mark of when horses had 3 and four toes.
  5. Ergots on the the rear legs are also believed to be a vestigial toe or vestigial padding
  6. Domesticated roughly 5000 years ago. Used for food and other uses from remains before that.
  7. Horses existed on North American continent 8000 years ago. Disappeared and reintroduced when Europeans brought them over
  8. Natives thought riders were gods as they had never seen man and horse together
  9. Cannot vomit. Cannot burp.
  10. Horse heart weight around 10 pounds
  11. Famed racehorse Secretariat’s heart estimated to weigh around 22 pounds
  12.  Horses sleep standing but lie down for REM sleep
  13. White horses are actually grey and are born dark brown almost black and lighten over time.
  14. Age determined by teeth
  15. A foal is a baby horse.
  16. A weanling is a foal when separated from its mother (dam).
  17. A yearling is a horse one year of age.
  18. A colt is a male horse 3 and under
  19. A filly is a female horse 3 and under
  20. Gelding-neutered horse
  21. Mare-female horse
  22. stallion-intact male
  23. Mares gestation is 11 months
  24. Foals are standing and nursing minutes after birth.
  25. Foal legs are 3/4 their adult length at birth.
  26. Hoofs and teeth need to be filed down as they grow continuously.
  27. Donkeys and zebras are relatives of the horse


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