Animals Have Emotions Too


Hello all,

There is an ever growing trend for people to approach wild animals to take pictures with and touch and feel. They are so eager in their quest to get photos and see and touch the animal(s) that they don’t stop to consider what it does to the animal.

Image being an animal and having a crowd of people around you, pressing in, making you feel trapped. Then they flash bright lights at you taking pictures and the braver humans will touch, drag or even step or climb on.

Then when the animal has had enough and freaks out, people decided the animal is dangerous and must be destroyed. I understand that in certain cases, this is a necessary evil, but when people bring it upon themselves and then blame the animal, we as a species need to take a step back and evaluate what we are doing.

Many species have existed for millions of years, far longer than humans have been in existence, and we are taking it upon ourselves to invade their limited remaining habitats and then blame the animal for acting like it has for millions of years.

Forcing an animal out of its habitat for a few photos, does not do the animal any good. Leave them alone. Learn that these animals, whether wild, or in captivity, still retain their wild instincts and will react accordingly. Respect them. Yelling, screaming and crowding around them does not do anything to help them remain calm. I don’t find the photos remotely entertaining.


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