Book Review Falling For Phoenix by Eryn LaPlant


Hello all,

Today’s review is for the third book in the Falling for Heroes Series, Falling for Phoenix. This story follows the middle brother, Rhys. When his life gets completely turned upside down, it will take a beautiful woman by the name of Gracen to turn him right side up again. But when her own background gets in the way, will that send Rhys to the bottom of his personal abyss again?

I highly recommend picking up this book and falling for Rhys Hannel. Then I would also recommend picking up the other two books so you can fall for the other two brothers as well.

I fell hard for Oliver, the youngest brother, his story is told in the first book, Falling for Shock. The second book, Falling for Freedom, follows the story of the oldest brother Edward. You will fall in love with all three Hannel brothers!

This story is well written, well developed and the characters are flushed out very well, inside and out! Eryn LaPlant continues to give us wonderful stories!


FFP Cover

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