Spotlight: Blue Moon


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Blue Moon is the final book in a double trilogy. I have read ever last word in ever last book. Every book, every chapter, every paragraph and every last word leaves you wanting more. The character development is done wonderfully. I for one, would not mind stealing the gorgeous and sexy Ayden Stone from Beth Parker Stone. Although, Beth is a fireball and I would have quite a fight on my hands if I did attempt to steal him. Beth is an incredibly strong and beautiful woman making her more than a match for Ayden.

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Sad to see the their story end, Sydney does not leave us hanging or wondering about the fates of our beloved characters. She ties up each loose end beautifully. I highly recommend this entire series. If you want a series that has a bit of everything in it, then I will tell you to pick this wonderful series up and savor each moment.

From the first book to the last, Sydney delivers wonderful moments both good, tense, thrilling, scary and heartbreaking.

I give this series 5 wonderful stars!!!!! I will miss Ayden and Beth but I know that I can return to their story anytime I miss them too much. I love to find great novels and I will reread the greats multiple times!


Blue Moon is available now! Pick up a copy and enjoy!


Animals Have Emotions Too


Hello all,

There is an ever growing trend for people to approach wild animals to take pictures with and touch and feel. They are so eager in their quest to get photos and see and touch the animal(s) that they don’t stop to consider what it does to the animal.

Image being an animal and having a crowd of people around you, pressing in, making you feel trapped. Then they flash bright lights at you taking pictures and the braver humans will touch, drag or even step or climb on.

Then when the animal has had enough and freaks out, people decided the animal is dangerous and must be destroyed. I understand that in certain cases, this is a necessary evil, but when people bring it upon themselves and then blame the animal, we as a species need to take a step back and evaluate what we are doing.

Many species have existed for millions of years, far longer than humans have been in existence, and we are taking it upon ourselves to invade their limited remaining habitats and then blame the animal for acting like it has for millions of years.

Forcing an animal out of its habitat for a few photos, does not do the animal any good. Leave them alone. Learn that these animals, whether wild, or in captivity, still retain their wild instincts and will react accordingly.┬áRespect them. Yelling, screaming and crowding around them does not do anything to help them remain calm. I don’t find the photos remotely entertaining.


Book Review Falling For Phoenix by Eryn LaPlant


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Today’s review is for the third book in the Falling for Heroes Series, Falling for Phoenix. This story follows the middle brother, Rhys. When his life gets completely turned upside down, it will take a beautiful woman by the name of Gracen to turn him right side up again. But when her own background gets in the way, will that send Rhys to the bottom of his personal abyss again?

I highly recommend picking up this book and falling for Rhys Hannel. Then I would also recommend picking up the other two books so you can fall for the other two brothers as well.

I fell hard for Oliver, the youngest brother, his story is told in the first book, Falling for Shock. The second book, Falling for Freedom, follows the story of the oldest brother Edward. You will fall in love with all three Hannel brothers!

This story is well written, well developed and the characters are flushed out very well, inside and out! Eryn LaPlant continues to give us wonderful stories!


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Book Review Blue Moon by Sydney Jamesson



Hello all,

I have read all of the Touchstone Series and the Into the Blue Series. I have loved every last word. The story of Ayden Stone and Beth Parker Stone has been quite the ride. Each story has built on the last and enriched their story arc each time.

This last story showed exactly how far each of the them had come and how far they still needed to go. Like all the others, this story has it all. Romance, love, sex, adventure, danger, heartache… You name it, it it is there. With it being the very last book in the series, Sydney has closed up and neatly tied off all the loose ends.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series! I would give Sydney 10 stars if I was allowed to do so. But luckily, here on my blog, I can do just that! 10 stars! Pick up this story and fall in love with not only Ayden, but Beth. You won’t regret it, I promise!





I find it interesting how ideas come about and when. Today, for example, I was driving home from feeding my horse and donkey. I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular and then an idea for a new novel hits me. Luckily, I just around the corner from home. So as soon as I got into the house, I wrote out the basic ideas that I had in my head before they disappeared forever. That wouldn’t be the first time that has happened to me.

So I would like to know how and when my fellow #writers #authors get their ideas. Do they hit you when you least expect it? Mine usually do. Or do they pop up when you want them to? Can you recall what was going on around you when the ideas hit?

Drop me a line and let me know.