Do Unto Others…


This is so scary! Non horse people! Respect horses! As big and gentle as they appear, they evolved with two survival skills: flight or fight. They will take flight over fight and fight when cornered. A loose scared horse is a danger to itself and anyone near it. Please respect horses and their owners.


To the person that opened the door on my horse trailer while I was inside Walmart it is obvious that you know nothing about animals. I’m sure you were just curious and wanted to see if there was a pretty pony inside but you are lucky that there wasn’t. Not only would your curiosity and stupidity have put you in danger, you could have put my horse in danger. If she had escaped due to your lack of respect of property and lack of knowledge of animals she could have run over you or the child you were probably trying to show her to but she could have also been hit by a car severely injuring or killing her not to mention injuring the person that may have hit her. I am always happy to show someone my horse if they would like to see but I will not…

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