Places to Write


One of my favorite places to write is at a coffee shop. I can get caffeine and I can listen to their music or my own. In between writing, I can quietly observe the people in the shop. Sometimes when one is blocked or lacking inspiration, just seeing how people interact can be enough to get an idea and the juices begin to flow again.

coffee shop

If I can focus at home, I love to write sitting at my dining room table. Plenty of light and lots of room. I do have a desk, but currently it is located in the corner of my living room and I feel like I pushed up against the wall. It is on my to do list to reorganize my room, but I have a blind dog and moving furniture around is not in her best interest.  There is also the temptation to turn the TV on and then I get distracted.

I am always looking for new and different places to write, so I would love to hear where others do their writing. Drop me a line telling me your favorite places.



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