Strong Women


My last post featured the hot sexy men of JAM. Now it’s time to meet the woman. These are strong women in their own right.

Particularly Mary Evans. She is a woman that because circumstances  has made herself an exceptionally strong woman fluent in many areas.  Aside from being a strong woman, Mary is an exceptional horse woman. There is a genuine love for the gentle giants. She wants to heal their pain in ways that her own pain was never healed.

Mary Evans   Mary Evans1     Mary and Ghost 1

Mary Evans is not the only strong woman in JAM. There is her mother, Nancy Evans. She has her own issues but is always there for her daughter.

Jackie Jennings is another strong woman. Left to raise two boys on her own, she rises to the challenge magnificently. Both mothers show their strength and love for their children.

Nancy Evans    Jackie Jennings

And what heroine is not complete without a bff? Someone to support, guide and knock sense into you? Mary has all of that and more in Carol Davis. A no nonsense, but funny woman.

Carol Davis Mary BFF

Want to learn more about these exceptional women? Pick up a copy of JAM: Jordan and Mary.  Available on,, and

Find out how these women mesh so well with those hot men and each other! You won’t regret it.



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