Rare Cool Evening in Texas


Here it is the end of May, in Texas and I am able to sit outside and not sweat to death. How rare is it that we have such a cool evening. So am I am taking full advantage of sitting outside while I can. The Texas summer will soon hit us and hit us hard. There is a cool breeze blowing and the sun is beginning its descent to the west. Crickets are starting to sing their nightly songs.

Perfect atmosphere to work on JAM: Happy Ever After. The second book in my #JAM series.


Poem: Future



What does the future hold?

What happens today that affects tomorrow?

Can we change the future based on the past and present?

Is our future our Fate, our Destiny?

What is the future?

What do we want for the future?

How can we affect the future?

Can we affect the future?

What happens an hour, a day, a month, a year from now?

What does the future hold?



Equine Love


Hello all,

I have loved horses since I was nine years old. It was like a switch came on. One day I was afraid of the them, the next I loved them. I did the usual reading and watching movies about horses and I took lessons. When I met a girl down the street from me, I had access to horses several times a week. Through her family, I learned about horse care and more about riding. I was introduced to horse showing and trail riding.

After I moved away, horses were harder to be around. It wasn’t until after high school that I picked up a part time job caring for horses at a private boarding place. When I left that place, I leased my first horse. An American quarter horse by the barn name of Bear. Registered name of Sugar Flash Clark. A great grandson of Doc Bar on top and Sugar Bars on the bottom. He was a gentle bombproof horse.

I wound up buying him and owned him for five wonderful years. When I had outgrown him and my goals had changed, I sold him to a wonderful woman who owned him for the rest of his life. Colic claimed him at age 28.

An interesting story is the day that the woman who bought Bear called me about him was the same day I was going to look at my next and current horse. She fell in love with Bear and bought him. I fell in love with my next horse, but the current owner was out of town. When he returned four days later, I bought him and went to pick him up.

The horse I bought was a three year old quarter horse. His barn name at the time was Webster. The owner had just gotten him registered. Late as far as papered horses go. His registered name is Argyles Sensation. I changed his barn name to Blaze. He is a grandson of Investment Asset through his dam. Through his sire he is a great grandson of Two Eyed Jack.

I bought him as a show horse and have shown him only about a dozen times. I do trail ride with him but he is happier as a show horse. For years I kept him in a show barn, under lights and blanketed. Now he’s a pasture horse and loves it. He lives with two donkeys and one or two other horses. Loves not being cooped up in a stall up to 12 hours a day.

On March 16th, he reached his 14th birthday. He is just as sweet and affectionate as he was at three.

My love of horses had to transfer into my novel, so Mary became a horse trainer. The horses became supporting characters in their own right. Each horse in my life and my stories have distinct personalities and it shows. I loved how Ghostly Image, in JAM, made her story and voice be heard. She developed a tight bond with Mary. And even developed a bond with Jordan too. Ghost’s role in the story became bigger than I intended.


What I Do When I’m Not Writing


Writing is something I do quite a bit. There are times when I cannot write either due to other obligations, or I just need to take a break.

So when I not writing, I am usually reading a book. Reading is my second passion. I love to read books. Reading is important to creativity. Other authors can give an other an idea, help with writing styles and improvement.

My next passion is to be with my horse. Being outside riding or looking after my horse is the best medicine when I can’t seem to get the writing to flow. I can work out various story lines in my head or even talk it out with the horses and donkey. They make great listeners and they don’t judge.

Last night while cleaning the pasture, I worked out a moving story line that I was able to add to my upcoming novel, JAM: Happy Ever After, last night.

Other ways I spend non writing time is watching television, going to the movies, hanging out with friends, running errands, etc.  Sometimes the simplest things can jog the writing juices and get them flowing again.

If inspiration does strike, I have OneNote in my phone so I can quickly jot down any ideas so I don’t forget them.

How do you spend your non writing time?


Spotlight: Eryn LaPlant


Today’s spotlight is on Eryn LaPlant. She is wonderful talented writer. I am beyond lucky to call her a friend and colleague. Eryn has the sweetest and biggest heart and it shows in her writing.

She has as of today, released five books! The third book in The Falling for Heroes series, Falling for Phoenix follows the story of the third Hannel brother. Rhys is the middle child between older Interpol brother Edward and movie star brother, Oliver.

When Rhys meets a beautiful woman named Gracen Phoenix, she turns his life upside down in more ways than he can count. Everything he did and thought, she has changed his views on his world.

I couldn’t put this book down! I have read the two previous novels and fell hard in love with “The Shock,” Oliver Hannel. Edward is easy to love as well and Rhys, well, you will fall hard for him too.

I encourage you to pick up this entire series! Falling for Heroes is a wonderful sexy set of books! Falling for Shock, followed by Falling for Freedom and now, Falling for Phoenix!

If you love Ollie and Edward, you will flip over Rhys!

Then check out her other work. Beneath the Wall and Blue Lute!

Last chance to get The Falling for Heroes Boxset for $0.99

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1UQ5vz1
B&N: http://bit.ly/22S77xv
iBooks: http://apple.co/1RRWW1k
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1RGzKGC

Do Unto Others…


This is so scary! Non horse people! Respect horses! As big and gentle as they appear, they evolved with two survival skills: flight or fight. They will take flight over fight and fight when cornered. A loose scared horse is a danger to itself and anyone near it. Please respect horses and their owners.


To the person that opened the door on my horse trailer while I was inside Walmart it is obvious that you know nothing about animals. I’m sure you were just curious and wanted to see if there was a pretty pony inside but you are lucky that there wasn’t. Not only would your curiosity and stupidity have put you in danger, you could have put my horse in danger. If she had escaped due to your lack of respect of property and lack of knowledge of animals she could have run over you or the child you were probably trying to show her to but she could have also been hit by a car severely injuring or killing her not to mention injuring the person that may have hit her. I am always happy to show someone my horse if they would like to see but I will not…

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Poem: JAM



JAM Jordan and Mary




The past

The present



Secret gifts










Electric shocks


JAM has it all!

JAM Storm Teaser