Update on JAM WIP


It has been several months since I have posted anything here. I must get better about writing and updating my blog page.

Anyway, I have finished the first hand written draft of my WIP JAM: Jordan and Mary. I have been slowly typing up the first draft editing as I go. Of course it will undergo many editing processes before I am done. I have even started to outline ideas for the second book in the JAM series. Not sure how many books it will have just yet. At the moment only two.

Once I get done typing, I will need to find an editor to help me with the final draft and catch any mistakes I may have and probably will overlook. One can only read a draft so many times before things begin to slide through the author’s fingers. Then it will be time to get it published!

I originally wrote this story in high school. I took what I wrote, updated it and applied what I know about writing now as opposed to 20 years ago. Amazing. The story went from landline phones, desk top computers and no cell phones and no internet to cells phones, tablets, and laptop computers. The basic storyline has not changed. I only updated the time period and the characters to fit today’s world.