Been awhile- Working and Book teasers


I just realized how long it has been since I have written a blog. I have been extremely busy with work and life. I also got a new computer and needed to mark this page again. I have continued to write. I am currently writing two stories, typing one of them and trying to find time to finish my WIP JAM. In the mean time, I have started to make book teasers for a couple of authors. I have found that I love doing it. Making the teasers are fun and so simple. Taking a quote from the book and matching it to a picture that visually describes the tease.


Here is one example of a teaser that I have done. This one uses a quote from the book.


Here is one I made for my own WIP JAM: Jordan and Mary. This one is a summary statement based on the book.

I have many others that I have made. They are available for viewing on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. The ones for my book have not been made public yet. I am waiting until I am closer to finishing the book and am ready to start marketing and advertising it.


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