Saying Good-bye


Saying goodbye to a loved one is the hardest thing one ever has to do. It does not matter if it is a person or an animal. In this case, it was an animal. A horse. Nearly 28 years old. This horse lived a very long, full and happy life. Even with that said, letting go is still very hard. Making the decision to let an animal go is never easy. Nor is watching them suffer when we have the power to end that suffering. In the end, his suffering was ended and he went peacefully. The humans have said their good byes. Now his animal friends have their turn tonight and tomorrow morning before the body is removed for burial.

RIP Bear aka Sugar Flash Clark. You were a great horse. You were a working horse on a ranch and then you were a pony horse to help keep those wonderful race horses calm. You became a horse for a little girl to love. Then you were mine for five years. I trail rode you, I showed you. I even put a 1.5 points on you at AQHA horse shows. Finally in your golden years, you were loved by a wonderful lady who took excellent care of you and let you winter in Texas and summer in Colorado.

Cross the Rainbow Bridge my dear wonderful horse. Friends and family and cows are all waiting for you there. Caesar, you wonderful little dog, take care of Bear until we meet again.

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