First Blog-writing



This is my very first blog. I have never done a blog. Writing, ironically, is something that I love to do. I can write all day long. I love to write stories. Writing stories is something that I have done practically since I learned how to write. My very first story was about a throw rug and how it viewed the world. It was only a page long and it was written in the second grade. I may still have it somewhere. Along with writing, I try to keep everything I write, especially if it is fiction.

Creating stories and writing about the lives of fictional characters is something I love to do. I have one story that was ongoing while I was in school. I started it in junior high and continued to write it all the way through high school. I write my stories by hand before I type them. This one going story ended up over 30 spirals mostly 3-5 subjects.

I wrote another story in high school. This one was novel length. Recently, I uncovered it and have started to rewrite it and update both the story and the characters. The essential story will stay the same. Only changes are updating the times and technology and the age of the characters. It has been so much fun to reconnect with these characters and see where they want to go. Characters often take on a life of their own and tell their stories their own way. Gets quite interesting when that happens. Once it is finished, I hope to get it published. Maybe I will put up excerpts from this story and some of my other stories.

As I stated, I love to write. I have another story going. That one is just a fan fiction story about Superman, my absolute favorite super hero. I love to explore areas that are largely left untouched by the comics and the movies and TV shows. Clark’s one wish is to feel human. While that can never be fully achieved, he can get the next best thing. True love with Lois Lane. Together, they tackle love, life and children all while Superman saves the world.

Other things I hope to accomplish with this blog, is to share my knowledge in other areas. I have had horses in my life for many years. A great deal of knowledge has been gathered over the years and I learn something new frequently. Sharing what I have learned with others and learning from others is the best way to continue to grow and learn.


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